Thursday, 30 December 2010

To Tokyo!

So, I’m in TOKYO! And my goodness has it been hectic! After the finals week I was really looking forward to having a rest! But before Hannah and I even left for Tokyo my days were spent with Aya, Amy, Gillian, Gabe, Areal and Katie. We had much fun over two days doing Visual K photo shoot (am just getting into V-Kei thanks to Katie and Gilli). Then in the evening of the same day we went out with Aya to brief karaoke and then to have all you can eat MEAT, or yakiniku, which is where you grill your own meat and it was soooo much fun! The following day we all went to Osaka and had all you can eat cake which was so amazing I cried! I love cake, and letting me have all you can eat was kinda dangerous ^^; but then being hyper we ran around Osaka which may have burnt most of the sugar off…possibly…maybe not ^^; And then after a final trip to Mandarake we said our goodbyes for the winter. I won’t be seeing Amy again for a while, but she lives near Otakon so always an excuse to go to that in America ^___^

The following day was Sunday 19th December and after packing and cleaning the room it was off to Tokyo with Hannah! My goodness the bags were heavy and we got horribly lost trying to find the hostel, but it was made up by the AWESOME train ride on the shinkansen (bullet train). It goes so faaaast and has loads of leg room and is so smooth~ Out of the window I got to see Iga again! And the 1/1 scale model of a gundam!!! And Mt Fuji!!! It was the most awesomeist magicalist train ride eeeeeverrrr.

Then after finding our way fine until we got to the area the hostel was in we lost our way. An hour and very soar shoulders, arms and legs later, we made it! We were both so hungry we just dumped our stuff (no one to say high, just our keys and a note) and went round the corner to a restaurant we’d seen. That was the magical Jazz bar. It was only me, Hannah and the guy running it. We sat down, didn’t know what to have so asked what he suggested and he gave us two specials, fried rice and soba, soooooo goooooood!!! The guy didn’t speak a word to English and really liked Jazz. He let me play his piano. The bar itself had such a nice homely feel about it. It was so nice ^__^ I just can’t describe how after that one visit I fell in love with it.

Unfortunately the hostel was nothing to be desired (tatami guest house). Unless you like cheap in money and services (freezing cold, stained sheets, a large sink to wash stuff including your hands and face after going to the bathroom) then avoid it. We both realized we could probably stand it about a week, but a whole month? Ohhh no. But planning our escape had to wait because we were tired and the following day we met up with Cait and Brittany in Ikebukuro!

Ikebukuro was cool! We went around trying to find places that were in the anime Durarara (which is based in Ikebukuro and is an awesome anime!) And it gave us a chance to wander round the whole of it before we all got tired and hungry and went back in the evening. Oh yes, that evening was nerve wracking. Our plan to escape led us to Sakura Houses, expensive but we could move in the next day. We were thinking of sneaking out in the morning and had come up with a cover story when there was a knock on the door. It was the landlord -_- he wanted paying. So we told him our cover story (that we had to go back to England the next day due to a family emergency –hinting at an accident). He looked kinda disappointed and although he could have charged us the whole months rent he only charged us half. Gack >_<>

So the next day Hannah and I got up early in the freezing cold room and left. We traveled over to Shinjuku and began getting house stuff sorted. It felt better immediately, Sakura Houses, although notoriously greedy, were more professional and felt a lot more homely. Also they had free heating and showers which the last place didn’t. It took ages and we were both really tired and achy for carrying our luggage around again, but held on just that little bit longer. We were able to leave our luggage at the Sakura Offices while we viewed the new house, and then when we met up with Cait and Brit in Shinjuku to say good bye to them. I’m glad we got to say bye coz I would have been sad otherwise. And even then it wasn’t bye, but ‘mata ne!’ so I’ll see her again ^-^ We (me Cait and Brit) plan to have a 2 week visit to Britain, and then 2 weeks to Utah one summer! Defiantly! I mean, when else will I have a chance to go to Utah?

Since the move I have been really tight on cash. And I mean REALLY tight. We want to go to places and do things, but I’m trying to save money where I can and I really wonder if I can. At the end of the month here we plan to go back to Osaka via the mountains etc but train and accommodation might end up costing as much as this trip. And even though I might have money for it, it means I will be broke next semester. It’s all a bit of a pickle really, but I’ll work it out. Cross that bridge when I get to it ^-^

Next up, Tokyo at Christmas!

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