Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Ramblings - I miss England

I miss going to Anime on a Thursday and being insane. I miss RPGing and falling into the role of a make-believe character and discovering the story of the GM. I miss Roos awesome cooking and Hughs wise words. I miss Leo and his ability to be insane with me and Freds ability to be awesome sexy by being herself. I miss lying in on a Sunday morning in a room to myself. I miss baking random food with my house mates. I miss wandering into town and having to work my way through the tourists. I miss walking past the Lady Luck and never going in. I miss Sam and the way he smells like pipe tobacco and mens deoderant. I miss Cait and her ability to rant for ages and Danielle at her side knowing so much and saying so little. I miss Georgia whoes smile and hugs can brighten anyones days. I miss walking back from campus with friends late at night, or even on my own. I miss the smell of the trees along the foot paths up to campus. I miss the train tracks and the familiar scenery around them. I miss playing games and getting fish and chips with Sarah, Tom and Jon. I miss watching them play magic the gathering and wishing I knew how to play. I miss going to Adams to play games with them and others, eating snacks and doing sing star. I miss Steve who always reminds me of an adorable underfed rabbit and his awesome girlfriend Dinithi. I miss randomly jumping into conversations at anime. I miss randomly jumping people at anime. I miss the anime house crew sitting in the corner in a world of their own. I miss classes. I miss being inspired and fearing my teachers. I miss stressing over essays that only get so/so marks. I miss the end of a term when everyone says good bye. I miss being home being bored and then my mum comes back and makes me tea. I miss tea at home. I miss food at home. I miss getting a chinese on lazy days. I miss my dad and his random DIYing on Sundays. I miss my sisters not being at home because they have boyfriends. I miss it when I do get to see them. I miss my doggy Charlie. I miss walking him across the fields. I miss walking across the countryside for an hour into town. I miss the few occations I can get to Mogs house. I miss Mog's tea. I miss how her house smells and how her family are always nice. I miss Alicks and the three of us chatting online every night. I miss black berry picking. I miss the smell of the countryside. I miss so much more that I can't think of right now. I miss the smells, sounds, touch of England and all the people I know in it. <3

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