Thursday, 23 December 2010

Nakama "Companions"

Nakama, Companions, Tomodachi, Friends~

It’s not often I talk about the different friends I make at places. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just because people won’t understand if I say “So-n-so and I did this and we…etc”, where as if I say ‘my friend’ they’ll…I dunno….get what I’m saying better. Anyway, I’m weird and it’s random logic that works in my head. But this time I’d like to introduce some of the nice people I’ve met here in Japan. It’s not all of them and I’m sorry if I offend anyone who I didn’t include, it doesn’t mean I love you any less. And in no particular order…actually, in alphabetical order to keep it even, here are the people I’ve met in Japan and why they are wonderful:

Amy. There’s one word for Amy and that’s かわい! “Kawai!” she’s just so cute! And the little rascal knows it. Yes there is a little bit of Amy that is naturally cute but it doesn’t help when she flaunts it with her big blue eyes and sweet loli clothes. She’s certainly one who will always give you a big hug and a big smile to brighten up your day.

Areal. He’s a funny one. First time I met him he brushed me off and I actually thought he didn’t like me until we all went out one day to a doujin fair. Since then we’ve been really close and although with the rest of the gang go out quite a lot to do all kinds of interesting things. He’s a happy character who does things his way no matter what people say, and has such wonderfully flamboyant fashion! (Him and Amy like shopping and shoes a lot more then me)

Aya. The one Japanese person who I think I’ve gotten really close to. She’s wonderful and kind, likes anime, manga, cosplay, and rock music. She took me (along with Amy, Areal and Gabe) to a Japanese cosplay event which was awesome! She is the sort of person who will speak her mind as long as it doesn’t hurt people as is just a really fun person to be around. It’s hard to describe but she’s the kind of person I really admire.

Brittany. She is my wonderful, wonderful, wonderful room mate who is just wonderful! She’s so kind and gorgeous, although I think she pushes herself down a lot. She either doesn’t get upset or just has the skill to never show it to anyone. She sometimes dies from her wheat intolerance but bounces right back afterwards. We get along really well and she often does really random things, and then I’ll join in, like THE FUTON MOSTER! Winding her up is fun too.

Caitlin. Always has something interesting to say. She’s incredibly sweet and always has energy to go on an adventure! I really liked hearing her stories about her homestay and her views on animes.

Cassie. The Aussie with an American accent who had a will stronger then steel. She always does things her own way and knows how to get what she wants. Although she could be a bit brash without realizing it, she is equally kind and will always defend her friends. I loved hearing about her adventures on an online game she plays and it’s a good thing Brittany stalks the game otherwise I’d miss out on what she gets up to.

Gabe. Gabe, Gabe the American. Will always say the same thing when I see him “Jen-Jen! My favorite Brit” despite the fact I am the only Brit he knows. Silly billy. Really nice person who will keep everyone happy and the tone of conversation light.

Gillian. The 音楽オタク “Ongaku Otaku” or Music Geek who just seems to know everything about Korean and Japanese popular and rock music and the industry. A huge Visual-K fan who’s getting me into the scene too. She also knows Korean, and although it’s a same she can’t go to Korea next semester I’m really glad because it means she can stay in Japan and teach me Korean! She’s uber nice is always ready and rearing to go out and do something awesome!

Jacob. Kinda like a big Jewish teddy bear. He’s really quiet and sometimes ditzy but very sweet, and if he has something to say he’ll say it. He’s an awesome character.

Katie. Always embaressed about her age but sooo pretty! I love her hair! Also really awesome with a unique gothicy fashion sense and a love for Japanese and Korean rock music. She is uber fun when ever we go out and is as crazy as Gilli about doing random fun stuff!

Mandy. Sooooo smart! Mandy is from Finland/Sweden and is a History major. She’s picked up Japanese so quickly and is always teaching me about European history! She’s often very quiet and I forget she doesn’t like small talk, but she’s so kind and awesome and sweet! I did get miffed at her a lot for not eating anything but an onigiri (rice ball) a day coz she had no money. Silly billy. She was Cassies room mate.

Tyson. Loves Jet Lee. I swear he should just marry him. An awesome character who wants to be a martial arts specialist of some kind. He’s really helpful and has given me some good tips on loosing weight (I just have to use them). Always has something to say, and has some really good opinions. Incredibly down to earth character and room mate to Jacob.

These guys are kinda spilt into two. There’s Seminar House 1 people and Seminar House 2 people. Although not all of them live in those houses it’s how I divide them in my head because I’ve met them through either one of those houses. SH1 people include Brittany, Caitlin, Cassie, Jacob, Mandy and Tyson. We all went out a lot together at the beginning of the semester and got really close really quickly. It’s a shame that after midterms things meant we didn’t hang out a lot but they’re all really wonderful people.

SH2 people include Amy, Aya, Areal, Gabe, Katie, and Gillian. We went out together a lot after the midterms doing the really nerdy stuff like cosplay.

Although I’m going to see a lot of these guys next semester there are a few I won’t like Amy, Caitlin, Mandy and Cassie, who have all made my first semester at Kansai Gaidai wonderful and I’m gonna miss them a lot! Until I next seem them in America/Finland/Australia, coz I will ^__^

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