Thursday, 31 March 2011

Febuary Update

So a lot has happened since the beginning of the term…a LOT. So much so that I’ve been too distracted to update the blog with anything that’s happened. So because I’m guessing people won’t be wanted to read 2 months worth of stuff all in one go I’ll boil it down…as much as I can.

Febuary saw the beginning of the term and freshers week consisted of much catching up with people and somehow resulted in Areal stealing my Working maid costume and wearing it. Also the introduction from Brittany to Betrayal on the House on the Hill which is an AWESOME FUN board game based around a haunted house ^o^ And a week back with my friends wouldn’t be complete without Karaoke. I met a lot of new people in that first week. Brad, Victoria, Taylia, Cassie and maaaaany others who I got to know really quickly.

In the first few weeks we also had events organised by Japanese students. The one I went to was a mochi and sushi making party. I’d not eaten lunch before I went and kinda regretted it because it took so long to cook everything though! Even more amusing was the fact that most of the Japanese students who were running the event had never even cooked before! HAHA! Makes sense when your mum normally does everything for you. We also did this thing where we faced south-west and ate the whole maki-zushi (sushi roll) in one go. It’s a yearly thing and the direction always changes and it’s supposed to be good luck…I think. Either way it was tasty and fun ^^

Then before we knew it Valentines had rolled around. I made chocolate fairy cakes for everyone (seriously, I made a biggiolioin!) and I think everyone liked them ^^ It was great because Brittany is wheat intolerant all the chocolates she got she gave to me XD Ok, being wheat intolerant is not a good thing but free food always is. Everyone worked really hard on their chocolates, and I like the Japanese tradition of having to give home made chocolates to your friends and people you like. What is weird is that it’s ok to give it to people you’ve been staring at on the train for several months (seriously, my teacher said this happens). Home made chocolates are waaaaay nicer then cards and fake flowers. Especially because it’s more fun making the chocolate then it is to give it away. Areal made a frikin Space Battleship Yamato out of chocolate! It was so heavy he couldn’t bring it into school XD Just a photo. But a few days later he brought in broken pieces and they were sooo good! Oh, and it snowed on Valentines ^-^

Friday 18th Febuary and Aya held a huge party! We went out for pre-purikura and karaoke as we normally do then met up with practically all the foreigners Aya new and went to nomihodai (all you can drink). It was fuuuuunny! I got to try a lot of interesting drinks and didn’t get drunk! Only merry ^^; We even played never have I ever and omgoodness that game is interesting for learning new things about your friends XD

Then the following day on the 19th I did another event thing that a student had organised which was an otaku culture day! Was so good! We went to Denden town and did some shopping, then went to a maid café! My first maid café! It was actually really nice and not as expensive as I thought it would be. We then went to ATC where I’d been before to do cosplay so I didn’t find that too interesting. When we got back a few of us went to karaoke and just sung anime songs! The only problem was this rather annoying guy who walked back with me and the whoooole time he was just talking about himself in the most monotone voice ever >_< Sooo boring! I don’t want to hear about just you and how you were so spoiled in another uni and how it’s way better then Gaidai for 40mins. DX Ruined the day a tad that guy.

A week later and Sarah, Brittany and I decided to go to Kyoto to see the plum blossom as temples in Kyoto were having special fairs at temples and places where there were lots of blossoms. We met a really nice old man on the bus who liked Brittany so much he bought her a little painting of Jizo-san! He was telling us about some of the things in the flee market and although he walked slow was really interesting. After he left we wandered around the market and bought some taiyaki (well I did ^^) before going into the temple to see the blossoms. Unfortunately we’d missed the main event which were miko serving tea because we arrived so late after class, but no worries as the blossoms were really pretty either way. Then Sarah introduced me to goshuin, calligraphy prayers from temples and shrines in Japan! And they’re only 300yen each! Bargin!

The following day Areal, Gabe, Aya and I had planned to go see the new Macross Frontier film in Namba on the opening day, but so did the whole of Osaka’s otaku population ^^;;; Even though we’d arrived at 10am tickets were sold out until 6:30 that evening -_-

So instead we decided to just spend the day in Denden town. Before that though we stopped off in this café and I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t get anything, but one of the shop assistants came up and said that I had to get something, which was fine. So I got a curry…thing and sat back down. The old guy on the next table to us was being SO rude! He was mumbling REALLY loudly in Japanese the whole time we were eating things like “it’s just common sense” and “fucking foreigners” and I don’t know what else but it really made Aya angry. He was the first rude Japanese guy I’d ever met. But no worries, his ugly mug was forgotten when we then spent several hours in the arcade and I taught Aya how to DDR. I wish I’d worn sensible shoes though, because I couldn’t do difficult mode in my boots ;_; We then went shopping and I discovered the wonders of Melon Books and the cheap figurines and manga they have ^o^

Twas a fun Febuary