Friday, 4 April 2014

Job Training in America - November 2013

I'd written this at work in November 2013 but didn't realise I hadn't posted it! Woops...
This is a follow on post from the previous one First Business Trip to Japan and America Job Training

It feels like I’m doing a master’s degree in my company with Project Management and Japanese in the Automotive Market. I’m serious; I have spent the last month doing practice translations, learning automotive vocabulary (for Japanese and English), researching the company, interviewing people, writing up my findings, getting it corrected and just now gave a presentation on everything I’ve learnt. I got feedback from the entire team on what I should word differently and everyone brain stormed ideas for what I should learn next. Which is still a lot and I only have one week left here. I was going to be leaving this weekend, but the Japanese are visiting and so we thought it would be better for me to stay the extra week to sit in on meetings. It was actually my idea. I really enjoy working here. The work’s interesting and the people are nice. It’s just freezing cold and I can feel myself turning into an introvert not seeing people outside of work (besides Katie at the weekends).

Although I did see Wes last week for Thanksgiving, which was super nice. It was good to be with him again. We went to the cinema twice, played games with his friends, watched movies, cooked food, and got to spend Thanksgiving with his aunt, mum, brother and granddad. I miss him already. It sucks that we aren’t in a short distance relationship. I was really hoping that after Japan we would be, but alas governments suck and force us apart because neither of us can afford to live without working and he can’t work in the UK and I can’t in Portland where he is. But he’s looking for a job in Tokyo and because he’s so amazing, I know he’ll get one and we’ll move there together and it will never be long distance again.

So next week the Japanese come here and then at the weekend I go back to the UK. The plan is that I’ll be working/training from home as well as organizing the office for Japan and my working visa. What’s annoying is that it’ll be another 3-4 months before I’m in Japan, which means that long away from Wes (except for Christmas) unless we can afford another visit again. Perhaps if I come back to Detroit for more training?

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