Sunday, 7 September 2014

Reunion Trip to Japan 2014

In 2010-2011 I went to Kansai Gaidai in Osaka for my year abroad in university. While there I met some amazing people from all over the world (mostly the US) who have been great friends despite the long distance. Last year we decided to arrange a reunion in Japan because so many people were out there already and the rest of us wanting to visit. (Although the original plan was that I'd already be living there). So with the help of the wonderful Gabe we arranged a week in Kyoto with some people from Gaidai. Sadly not everyone could make it.

Wes and I also took this opportunity to visit Tokyo (which he's never seen) and see friends of his who have been travelling around the world for the last 6 months (who has a blog about his travels and food call Culinary Sojourn).  So it will be the two of us, and his best friends Josh, Ben (who have been travelling) and Stacey (Josh's wife), as well as Gabe.

This is happening this Thursday which is crazy because I'm also moving to London on Tuesday in preparation for my MA in Japanese Translation which starts the Monday after I get back!

This is the first time I am going to Japan for pure holiday purposes rather than for study or work and I hope to post regular brief updates of our 2 week adventure as they happen. At the same time I hope to be doing some posts on Japanese culture, language and a guide to visiting Japan for 2 weeks called Japan Hacks on my Japanese Language site Japanese Talk Online.

As a quick introduction this is our rough plan for the next two week!


Thurs 11th - [Ben, Josh and Stacy arrives (pm)]
Fri 12th - [Jenn arrives (am)] MEIJI SHRINE & HARAJUKU & SHINJUKU - Wes arrives (10pm)
Sat 13th - ZOJOJI and SENGAKUJI and TOKYO TOWER (am) ODAIBA (pm) - Gabe arrives (pm)
Sun 14th - JIMBOCHO book district and MUSIC INSTURMENT AVENUE (am) en-route to AKIHABARA (pm)
Mon 15th - GHIBLI MUSEUM (am?) & IKEBUKURO (pm)
Tue 16th - KAMAKURA
Wed 17th - YOKOHAMA [Ben, Josh and Stacy Leave]
Thurs 18th - a surprise day
Fri 19th - NIPPORI Textile Town (am) & ASAKUSA & SKY TREE (Asakusa Eel for dinner)
Sat 20th - [Jenn, Wes and Gabe head to Kyoto on the bullet train]


Sat 20th - Everyone arrives [check in 4pm]
Sun 21st - TOJI flea market and FUSHIMI INARI and TOFUKUJI TEMPLE (and surrounding temples)
Mon 22nd - From KINKAKUJI down the Philiosophers Path (visiting shrines on the way) to KYOMIZUDERA finishing in GION.
Tue 23rd - KANSAI GAIDAI (am) and OSAKA shopping and dinner (pm)
Wed 24th - NARA
Thurs 25th - (Imperial Palaz Photoshoot day!) NIJO Castle, TOEI KYOTO STUDIO PARK and KARAOKE PM
Sat 27th - KOBE (some people leave Sat)
Sun 28th - Everyone Leaves

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