Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Disney Laaaaand + Engagement (Thurs 18th)

Before we had left for Japan I had bought tickets for me, Wes and Gabe for Tokyo Disney Sea! It was a surprise for Wes (Gabe paid me back the money) because we both love Disney and why not if we were in Tokyo? Unfortunately you can only buy tickets for one of the parks, if you want both you need to go on multiple days (and after being there I see why). I had chosen Disney Sea after talking with my friend because apparently the main park was just like Disneyland Paris, and Disney Sea has difference rides and areas and stuff. I had imagined it to be a big aquarium, but actually it was just like the other park with different areas, but these areas were more sea themed, and the park itself is on the sea with walls all around it.

The entrance is Mediterranean themed with a large lake in the middle and behind that a big fake volcano which is Nemo (Journey to the Centre of the Earth/Bottom of the Sea) themed. Then behind that are Aztec, Middle East/Aladdin, and Little Mermaid themed areas. We began by heading anti-clockwise to the Journey to the Centre of the Earth ride which was supposed to be fantastic. And it was! Very similar to Thunder Mountain at Disney Land Paris, but different. That and the queue was just over an hour long (like most of the lines for rides).

Then we headed over to Agrabar and went on an Aladdin themed merry-go-round very similar to the one in Paris but is double decker and plays Aladdin songs (which of course we sang along to). Even their restaurants were themed and we had curry in the Agrabar Market which was expensive with not much meat and no vegetables, but it was better than some of the food I’ve had in the park in Paris and probably slightly better priced (only about 1000yen/£7.50).

We ducked into a kiddy ride that’s like Pirates of the Caribbean where you go around in a boat but the story was about Alibaba and was probably aimed at 10year olds and under and very cheesy. Wes and I then went on a roller coaster called Raging Spirits which Gabe skipped out on because fast coasters with loops make him sick. It was pretty good although once again the fast pass people being let ahead of us was getting very annoying, especially because it was hot and tiring standing around all day.

We decided to explore Atlantis next, which I thought was just a castle but when you went in it took you underground (or under the sea because it was all under water themed) where it had more rides and a big restaurant and shop! We went on the Whirling Rapids (Tea Cups) and found shiny stuff in the shop.

Food stands around the park only seem to sell one item at a time, which meant that we kept running into popcorn stands but ones that were weird flavours like jalapeno and cheese or corn pottage flavour :P I was craving some caramel flavour so after locating it on the map we moved round to the front of the park where the caramel popcorn was. I made the guys wait for me to nom my popcorn which was lucky because just as I finished a spontaneous performance popped up which involved a foreigner and a Japanese guy playing music on a big bin and some pots and pans. It was great fun. I love the little details and the fact that you never know what you’re going to run into next!

Next on the agenda was the Toy Story shooting gallery next to the Haunted Hotel ride (the same in Disney Studios in Paris). But the line took over an hour and a half! It was so frustrating because as soon as fast pass people turned up they were let in! I was very tired and grumpy towards the end, but the ride was almost worth it. It was a 3D shooting gallery and I beat Wes’ score, but Gabe thrashed us both :P

Gabe wanted to head over to the castle in the centre of the park (which is in front of the volcano) next. It’s was a big medieval castle rather than a themed princess castle like the main parks. You could explore this one and it had different rooms which educated people about the explorers of the medieval times.

It was dark by that point and we made it up to the tallest tower on the castle. There was music in the park so Wes and I started dancing which scared off the Japanese people (hahaha PDAs). We’d been playing eye spy earlier during some of the queues and Wes started is up again with “eye spy my little eye, something beginning with R”
“Roller Coaster?”
“Rower” (Tower)
“That isn’t even a word”
“Raero-plane” (aeroplane)
“Now you’re just making things up”
“Is it on the castle or in the park?”
“On the castle”
“Is it on one of us or on the castle?”
“On me”
And the he got down on one knee and took out a ring.

At that point things got pretty blurry because I’d started to tear up and it was dark so I couldn’t see anything. I managed a “I’m leaking” before Wes had to hug me. Then I had to remind him that he hadn’t even asked yet and he finally asked “Will you marry me?” to which I said “Yes” of course ^-^

So although I kept breaking down for the next 20mins we were engaged and told Gabe (who had sneakily snuck off when we were dancing) the good news. We got some pictures taken in the really cool star room because we hadn’t got any pictures of the actual proposal.

To say I was physically and mentally exhausted would be an understatement, and I still can’t believe it really happened. But it had and the night still wasn’t over! We ran around the park a little more and then returned to our tower to watch the lights show, which it turns out is aimed at the entrance so we were on completely the wrong side. But it was still a really cool show and very entertaining. Because the trains would be manic we killed another 30mins exploring the castle and a boat before heading back. We just grabbed some snacks for dinner from the conbini before we all collapsed in our beds.

BTW Thanks Alex for helping Wes with the ring size. Apparently you were the only person who had an idea that this was going to happen. Wes, you are a wonderful sneaky, sneaky ninja for keeping this a secret for a year.

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