Monday, 20 January 2014

Fun at Toyosato K-On School

Edit: This was moved here from another blog of mine that I deleted. This post was originally from 28/1/2011

Oookay, so this was a severly delayed blog of nerdy fun but I was distracted by...shiny stuff probably ^^;; Either way I thought it would be nice to put up some comparison pictures of K-On to the school the anime was based on which I visited last December. I've already put most of these (and more) on facebook but it certainly doesn't mean much unless you have a context to work with. So for those who have and for those haven't watched K-On, here are some print screens of the first episode (in order of how they apeared in the anime) and my own photos of the same scenes (not that I tried to get them exact or anything, I didn't even think of doing this until afterwards). Oh, and if you want to (even if you're not bothered) I suggest watching the first ep just...because

I have to say one thing though, actually being at the school was pretty amazing especially because I love the anime so much. It just makes your heart race to think that you're inside a cartoon ^O^ I am deffinatly going back there.

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