Friday, 30 August 2013

June~July in Japan

Not many exciting things happened in June or July but things did happen. I also didn't make a note of dates...

Kate's leaving party

Kate had to leave us at the beginning of June! Waaaahhhh ;_; She's so amazing, and funny and charismatic and Wes and her got along so well! (They kept pretending to be black women and is was very amusing).
SO as a celebration we all went to karaoke along with people we'd gone with before and school people. It was good fun buuuuut there were times when certain people had no karaoke etiquette (it exists) and kept picking song after song after song not letting anyone else have a go -_-;; But Kate did sing at least and she's such an amazing singer!!! I am very jelly of her talents.

We were able to hang out with Kate one last time before she left though (the day before she left) because there was a ComicCity at the Yahoo dome! This meant the entire baseball stadium was full of fan made comics and cosplay! It was great but we were all so tired from walking around we left an hour early. I'd probably spent enough money by that point anyway. My best buy was defiantly the fan fiction of Top Gear in Wonderland!!!

Our next exciting trip out was with Miki, her son, and 2 friends of hers (one Swedish the other Japanese). We went to Karatsu castle! I'd been wanting to go since the first people we met mentioned it (they also mentioned amazing burgers but we didn't get any of that). Japanese castles always surprise me because of how small they are! That and I can't imagine lords getting up the ladders all those years ago in the clothes they wore. I still wonder how they did it...
After that we went to get lunch at a place in the mountains Miki had seen on TV. But it turned out that everyone and their mums had heard about it too and we were waiting for an hour in the car and then 30mins when we got there for food!!! ;_; We did entertain ourselves playing Mario Kart with Miki's son (always good beating a 9 year old at their own game). I was really annoyed by the time we got there too, but felt much better after a sugary drink (which scared Wes a bit hehe). The food was good! It was soumen, noodles which are run down fresh spring water in a bamboo, which you pick up with chop sticks, dip in a sauce and eat! 

And then we graduated! \o/ It was the Friday before the exam so we'd spent pretty much all of July studying. Well I had...Wes too but not as much but he's smart and doesn't have brain of a sieve.
I didn't feel sad when we left because I was so stressed, but I am a bit sad now. The teachers at NILS were so amazing. If I could go back I would!

(All of the flashcards!!!)

Once the exam was over Wes and I had a chance to chillax! That evening we celebrated with Mami, Sae and Eri in Tenji going to a yatai (street stand) for the first time ever for dinner! Fukuoka's famous for its yatai which pop up after dark and it was fantastic food and the guy running it was hilarious!

So our last event was the night after that going out with all our Japanese friends! We spent the day in Tenjin shopping for last minuet things and having our last Mr.Doughnuts. Then we met up with Sae-chan and went to a pub to wait for the others who showed up about an hour after us. Once we were all there we decided to go to Round One. We were going to bowl but instead did this thing were you can play on games, darts, internet, read manga, karaoke, and sports as much as you want for a few hours! It was really impressive! The floors were shut off except to people who had paid so we literally had free reign on the area! I got to try batting for the first time ever! 
It was really sad leaving Mami, Sae and Eri because they really had been the most amazing friends while we were in Fukuoka. I wish I could have found a job in Fukuoka just so I could hang out with them more!

The Wednesday of that week Wes and I flew back to our home countries (T_T). I was going to America anyway for a job interview/orientation so it didn't make sense for Wes to go back to the UK with me and then to America and then back again. And I needed to see friends and family again (missed them so much!) and I'm sure Wes needed the same. Kinda sucks we're back to long distance, but once Wes get a job in Tokyo we'll move in together and it'll be awesome! (I hope ><)

And just incase you were wondering JLPT results came out this week and Wes and I both passed N2!!! YAAAAY!!!! Wes did better than me because he's amazing but we both passed and that's what counts!

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