Friday, 29 March 2013

Lego Exhibition (Valentines Day/White Day)

So in Japan there is Valentines Day on February 14th where girls make and give chocolate to guys they like, and White Day a month later on March 14th when guys give something white or chocolate to the girls they like/got chocolate from. It's pretty big in anime so a lot of foreign anime fans know about it. And because Wes and I are in Japan I did Valentines day (cooked dinner, made him chocolate, treated him to Kappa sushi lunch, went to a book shop together, gave him manga), and Wes did White Day. Wes made me cooked breakfast with beans, got me a figurine, and then after school we went for a date in Tenjin, got cold stones icecream (the shop attendants SANG!!) and what's more romantic than going to a lego exhibition!? It was pretty shiny. After that we also went to mandarake and then got okonomiyaki which was amazing~

But this post is mostly about LEGO! The exhibition was in 2 different buildings it was so big and the models were all of famous places in the world or built by famous artists. Being paid to build lego must be the best job in the world....until you step on them that is...

(Life sized Lego Buss and Woody!!!Squeee~)

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