Sunday, 9 December 2012

Back to Japan-land!

Who'd have thought it's been 558 days (or 1 year 6 months and 8 days) since I left Japan in 2011. Wesley and I are still happily together! Since I left Japan we've seen each other a lot travelling between the US and UK every 3 months or so (the longest wait was 6 months! Gack!!). BUT very soon it will no longer be long distance as we plan to move in together! Although we have yet to pick a place to settle down in our first plan is Japan.

So before I get onto that I'll give a very quick update of the last year and a half. Besides jumping backwards and forwards between the West coast of the USA and the UK I had my last year of Social Anthropology in Canterbury *sad face* It was a manic year but I had lots of fun with my societies, completed my dissertation on cosplay, got a first class honours, and got my JLPT N3 certificate. Yay~ I worked the summer taking care of international University students and the winter as an administrator. I've even started translating manga for a scanlation group doing shoujo comics! It's lots of fun :) Wes has also been busy with his final year of uni and is in his last week ever!

We've been planning to go back to Japan together since January this year I think. Wes and I both want to become translators (well I want to become an interpreter eventually) but we both needed to improve our Japanese. I looked into various graduate programs, intern-ships and schools and we settled on a school in Fukuoka that was cheap for long term study and intensive JLPT classes (

The plan is that Wes will come here for Christmas before we fly out on the 17th January 2013. Fingers crossed at the end of the 6 months we would have taken (and I hope passed) the JLPT N1 exam and are able to get work translating!

And so I am proud to announce that this blog will re-open as Niffer returns to Japan-land this 2013! ^___^

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