Thursday, 22 December 2011

Broken Lens and Birthday Adventures

[May 12th and 14th 2011]

Shortly following the trip to the beach my camera lens broke. I don’t know how, I don’t know when but it broke and I had to buy a 50mm lens because the normal lens to replace it cost a lot. I was most annoyed .
Before my lens broke, however, we did a trip to karaoke again! YAY! Only this time I dragged Yuka and Shizuka along together. I knew they’d get along and they did! They were so cute! (Yuka being the girl who took me to Kyoto for the first time, and who I took to her first castle, and Shizuka being the girl with amazingly good English and a British accent who loves British artists). So the pictures from that evening were good (as good as pictures in the dark karaoke rooms could get), but the rest around early May were sparce and close-ups.

(My birthday melons)

Well, I shouldn’t be ranting about my photos, and although I did have a grudge all the time I couldn’t zoom the photos that did come out with the 50mm were really good (I need to use that lens more). And I was grateful that I even had a lens considering it was my birthday soon after!
The 12th May itself wasn’t too exciting. My friends are AMAZING and put their moneys together to buy me an expensive figurine, while others got me cake and two melons…Yes, MELONS. Lil, Alex and Chris had joked saying they saw the melons and thought of me, so Lily suggested they got them for me. I loved them ^-^ Sad to say I never ate them and they went off (I forgot to!) but I loved the perverted thought that went behind it. After Uni a small group of us did go to Kappu Zushi and I saw the ugliest baby ever! I’m not even joking…

(Ugly Baby! I was pretending to take a pic of poor Lily)

Now, I am a huge fan of 20th Century Boys, both the manga and the films, so I just HAD to go to the Expo Centre for my birthday. But what’s a birthday without some birthday shopping in Denden Town? So once again I dragged people out to my favourite shopping route of DenDen Town and Mandarake over at AmeMura. I tried my very first Krispy Kream doughnuts! They were gooooog. We went to the store in Osaka which normally had a 40min queue outside it, but there was no queue and we snuck in and om nomnom. So sugary!

In the late afternoon we went to the Expo Park (squeee) had a picnic and played frisby (only one small casualty of Theo running over a small child >< He got told off by the park warden). And then we had a stroll around the park, getting lost because WE COULDN’T FIND….errr….I was going to say exit, but we couldn’t find something else, and when we did it had closed because the park was closing in 20mins. I can’t remember what it was we were trying to see though. Oh well.

(Picnic in the park)

We left the park as it was closing and headed back into Osaka to have ALL YOU CAN EAT PIZZA!! Yuka joined us then. It was awesome! THEY HAD PUDDING PIZZA with custard sauce, marshmallows and chocolate ontop.

(All you can eat pizzaaaaa)

I was sooo tired but that wasn’t the end! Oh no! It was Izakaya time! Shizuka was able to join us and we had drinks and kitty ears and cuteness and I just wanted to sleep on the table >< ZZZzzz…
(Lily, Gabe and Ariel chilling in the Izakaya)

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