Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Japan-land Love Story

I fail at keeping up to date on things like diaries. That’s why most of the time no one knows what’s happened to me by the end of the year. I will now stop boring you guys with “I went here on this day and it was nice” and instead give you the more interesting stuff (It also save me telling this story again again when I get back) ^_^

So, after Spring break there was sad times as the earthquake disaster had finally calmed down the final people left. Gilli and Katie went home (sadface), Brittany didn’t come back, but a few other managed to. So I lost my girls and the friend group shifted to Me, Gabe, Arial, Wesley, Alex, Alex, Nadezhda, Brad, Lilly, Chris and Elizabeth. Plus lot of other random loverly people who say a brief high and a hug when we meet in the corridors. And be ended up beginning going to the onsen every week (instead of karaoke like we did with Gilli and Katie).

So we had the onsen episodes and haijinx ensued. The first one started off at the arcade and DDR which is got thrashed at by Wesley and Brad and ended up making a complete idiot of myself because I couldn’t read the fast foot patterns ;;_;; not fair. But that was when I began to take even more notice of Wesley. I had noticed him before Spring break but the fact that he was awesome at DDR and everything else I liked was like…well let’s just say it’s rare to find an hilarious outgoing person who likes DDR, table top RPGs, is a pokemon otaku, likes computer games, anime and manga (shojo in particular), Japanese, comics, sci-fi, novels and is basically a walking Google.

And so it was me and Lily and Nadezhda in the onsen, and what else so girls do when they’re alone together but gossip? A week go by and the girls know I’m interested in Wesley but no one else. So I decide to set up a date…without him knowing (hahaha), and we arrange to go to Denden town in Osaka. Then after one onsen session Gabe decides to come along which was hilarious because Nadezha was like “No Gabe you REALLY want to change your plans don’t you?” But he thought she was hinting that she wanted him to go with her somewhere so he was adamant on not changing his plans. It wasn’t until at the end of the Denden town trip (which was awesome fun and it was actually nice having Gabe there) that he actually realised what was going on. Hahahaha, he was so embarrassed. So to make up for it I hired him as my spy…but Gabe isn’t exactly the subtlest of people ^^;;;

The following weeks had a lot more people going and Gabe ever so not subtly dropping the conversation in the boys bath about relationships and began to gather information. And it was (apparently) obvious that he had had a crush on me too. Everyone knew by this point what was going on. Afterwards we were all hanging out in the lobby drinking milk (you have to drink milk after going to the onsen in Japan) and Lily (who is even less subtle then Gabe) whips out pocky (chocolate sticks) and begins to encourage people to eat them with each other (ie Lady and the Tramp style where a person bites each end). I won’t say exactly what happened but it evolved Wesley getting very close, me chickening out and the Arial jumping in and finishing off where I’d left it. Everyone was very annoyed at the oblivious Arial. HAHAHAHAHA! It was HILLARIOUS!

The following week Elizabeth and Gabe were even less subtle and ended up kicking Wesley and I out into the rain saying “You guys have something you need to talk about” and so he asked me out. Since then not much has changed really. We still hang out with friends, talk about random nerdy stuffs, watch films and anime and just have a laugh. It’s just that now we don’t have to feel awkward infront of each other. It’s nice.

*Note: The title of this is from the J-Drama Tokyo Love Story which is pretty famous in Japan but I didn’t think it was a very good drama*

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  1. Lack of subtlety for the win \o/ You have awesome friends~