Thursday, 21 October 2010

Doesn't Time Fly

So I have been incredibly busy lately with lots of work and general distractions. It's amazing how time is flying, only feels like I've been here 2 weeks when actually I've been here...errrrrr....MATHS >_< 7-8 weeks. Which is basically almost 2 months. We're already halfway through the term (they use the American simester system here).

Well on the 5th October I went to Body Line after running into a girl the day before who was wearing a really nice purple wig. It was under cheap and she told us where to go. So after school me, Cassy and Linda all went! Then on the 10th October I went again with Brittany, Mandy, Jacob and Cait to Bodyline and to Shinsaibashi and the area. I did my research for a site report of the Lolita clothes store ( and actually didn't buy anything this time around, but the first time I went I got 2 really nice costumes and only spent 5000yen! Which is UBER cheap! ^^;

At some point after me, Brittany, Tyson and Cassy were going to Kappa Zushi (a shushi-go-round place) and on the way I found this TINY kitten! SOOO CUTE! But it was obviously abandoned, so we tried to ask the Seminar House Okaasan what we should do but all she said was that we weren't allowed to keep it. The RA Erika told us where we could find a vet, so food was put off while we went on a mission to find the vets! It wasn't too far but the vet said he couldn't take it in because it was a milk kitten. We were then forced to abandon it in this apartment building entrance. I was worried for the little guy, but only today I found a poster in the local supermarket with a photo of our little kitty! It had been found and someone was looking for a person to adopt it! YAY!

Ahh yeah, I can't remember if I've mentioned already but I managed to find people who do table-top-RPGs. YAY! So I've been spending the last 4 weeks every Tuesday night playing DnD which is going...well. It can be slow, but most funny as it always is when playing games with people. It's inspired me to do my own and I've organised a game of Shadowrun for this Sunday with some eager newbie girls from my dorm. I also want to chat about the weekend that just went because that was SO MUCH AWESOME FUN! But next time because I need to stop procastinating and revise for an exam tommorow. I the mean time here's a photo video tour of Kansai Gaidai (Or Kansai Gaikoku Daigai)! I've meant to do this for a while and there's another video that goes with it, which I'll make later. ENJOY!

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